CEO Felix Thomas Brings Real World Cybersecurity to NYIT


(Falls Church VA – September 27 2016) Network Security Systems Plus President, CEO, and Founder Mr. Felix A. Thomas recently returned to his alma mater the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), to participate in NYIT’s Annual Cybersecurity Conference.  Mr. Thomas delivered a presentation during the “Accelerating Cyber Education and Careers” session to an audience comprised of students, faculty and staff, and industry leading cybersecurity professionals.

Mr. Thomas’ presentation titled “Careers in Cybersecurity: The Information Economy and Autonomous Evolution” gave an insiders perspective of cybersecurity, the state of cyber threats to the nation, and some of the action NSSPlus teams take to combat that daily threat.  Mr. Thomas discussed the fundamental components of risk assessments, how to prioritize that risk and how organizations actually implement their risk management strategies.

While providing a glimpse at the current state of affairs in cyber Mr. Thomas also took the audience into the future. He stated that by 2021 the cost of cybercrime will total some $6 trillion with an estimated shortage of cyber-professionals of 1.5 million by 2019.  Mr. Thomas called it the largest human capital shortage in the world.

Mr. Thomas’ overall message was one of hope and opportunity for the industry.  He offered encouragement to the future generation of cyber-professionals inspiring them to remain steadfast on their educational path.  During his speech Mr. Thomas called for an updated process in getting the future generation of cyber-professionals better prepared for the war on cyberterrorism. “There’s a critical need to bend the learning curve and train cybersecurity experts faster. But with too many people trying to learn on the job at the same time, you slow down— and you risk making mistakes.” he went onto say “What we really need is a way to recreate the real-world cybersecurity experience in a controlled setting. We need a flight simulator for cybersecurity. Simulators are a tool that have been used successfully in a lot of situations. That’s something my company is looking at, and working on right now.”

“The relationship between myself and NYIT is one that is lifelong,” Felix Thomas recently commented. “For me this was about inspiring and encouraging those who will eventually be on the frontline in our nation’s war on cyber terror. I am truly appreciative to NYIT for the opportunity.”

View Mr. Thomas’ presentation here.

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